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How to Open PPF Account online - SBI and ICICI bank

Online PPF Account with SBI and ICICI bank India Now you can open PPF or Public Provident Fund account online in India with ICICI bank and State Bank of India (SBI). This is a major step to increase popularity of PPF or Public Provident fund account among individual especially youngster who love convenient of net-banking from office or home. All major financial and saving product like fixed deposit or FD,  recurring deposit or RD and mutual funds are already available online, which means hard to choose PPF account over these personal saving instruments.Now since PPF account is also available online you can get all benefits of PPF account with the convenience of net-banking in India. Read more »

How much Indian Currency/Cash NRIs can Carry to/from Overseas/India?

After India's great demonetization drive, NRIs are worried about taking cash overseas. I often received queries regarding this and one of the common one is, how much Indian currency an NRI can take to India from Overseas? The main reason for asking this question now is to make use of old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes before they became worthless after December 30th, 2016, because the only way to deposit old Indian currency was to deposit them into NRI Account in India. Read more »