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How much TDS is deducted on Bank, Company and NRO Fixed Deposits?

TDS stands for Tax deducted at source, is income tax levied on interest earned by Fixed deposits. The rate on which TDS is applied varies, depending upon, whether the Fixed deposit is with a bank, a company or the post office. TDS also depends upon total interest earned on a financial year. For bank Fixed deposits, TDS is triggered when interest earned in a financial year (1 April to 31st March) is higher than 10K and for company fixed deposit or post office deposit, TDS triggered when interest earned on a financial year is more than Rs 5000. Read more »

When do NRIs Needs to Pay Income tax In India?

One of the most common doubts among every new NRIs mind is whether they need to file income tax returns in India or not. As I told earlier that it's not mandatory to file an income tax return in India , but now questions come when do NRIs need to file an income tax return in India? When it's mandatory for NRI to file an income tax return in India. I'll try to answer these questions in this article. First thing first, NRI needs to pay tax on any income earned in India Similar to resident taxpayers, the basic tax exemption limit for NRIs are also 2,50,000 for the year 2015-16. Read more »

5 Tax Benefits of taking NRI home loans in India

Many NRIs buy property in India by taking NRI home loans, but when it comes to tax saving, most of them are not sure whether they are eligible for any tax saving in India or not. They just earned in abroad and replay the home loan by their NRE/NRO account without thinking of tax deductions available under income tax law of India for home loans. Many banks, which provide NRI home loans e.g. ICICI, HDFC, State Bank of India, Axis bank, Federal Bank, Bank Of Baroda and other non-banking financial institution like Tata capital, LIC Housing or HDFC itself doesn't tell you anything to NRIs about how they can save taxes while paying their home loans in India. Read more »