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5 Difference between L1A and L1B USA Visas

If you are working for an investment bank e.g Barclays or CitiBank or a service company like Infosys or TCS and thinking to move to the USA on L1 VISA then but don't know the d ifference between L1A and L1B USA visas then you have come to the right place. In this article, I'll explain the difference between those two. Many of my friends have moved to the USA on L1A and L1B in the last couple of years hence I have some personal experience talking with them. Similar to H1 VISA, L1 VISA is also a temporary VISA that allows a foreigner to work in the USA . Read more »

Can you break NRE fixed deposit Prematurely? ICICI vs SBI vs HDFC vs Kotak

One of the common questions amount NRI investor putting their money on NRE fixed deposit is whether they can close the NRE fixed deposit before maturity or not? and if breaking the NRE FD is allowed then what is the penalty? This is a very good question and every NRI should ask this to himself or anyone suggesting he open an NRE fixed deposit account. Yes, you can close the NRE fixed deposit before it gets matured but interest will be calculated at the rate applicable for the period the deposit has actually remained with the bank and you might need to pay the penalty as well, which varies from bank to bank e.g. ICICI bank has different penalty than HDFC or Kotak Bank. Read more »

How to apply for Aadhaar Card? Can you apply online?

Many of my readers ask me this question, can you apply for the Aadhaar card online? Can you apply for Aadhaar card outside of India, or do NRIs are even eligible for Aadhaar card or not. One of the key things to remember that NRIs are not eligible for the Aadhaar card because they are not currently staying in India, they can only apply for it when they become Indian residents. Similarly, you cannot apply for the Aadhaar card online, you must go to the Aadhaar help center to apply because you also need to give your biometric data like fingerprints, thumb impression,  and retina print. Read more »

10 Ways to Send Money to NRE account in India

One of the frequently asked questions from NRIs, who has just opened an NRE (Non Resident External) account is how to fund their NRE accounts? Since you cannot transfer Indian rupees from your normal savings account in India to your NRE account, this question is common to arise. The simplest way to deposit money in your NRE account is remittance like  sending money from your overseas bank account , but that's not the only way to transfer money to your NRE account. Read more »